Westlake Recreation Area


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For more information please contact:

Earl Ehlers
 49778 Hwy 412
Lahoma, OK 73754
Office - (580) 796-2403
Cell - (580)977-8966

Please answer these questions in your information request:

1)  How many adults will be actively fishing?  (Many times one adult fishes while the other is more of an observer or care giver to family members.)

2) Do you have children in grades 1-12 (under age 18) still at home?  (yes / no)  This is the deciding factor between SINGLE/COUPLE and FAMILY  lease designation

3)  Do you carry a badge FULL TIME, either law enforcement or fire department?

4)  Are you or an immediate family member medically disadvantaged - i.e.. heart, hip, knee, birth defect, etc? (parent, grandparent, child)

5)  Yes I have read the entire website and these are the further questions I need answered....

( If yes to either 3 or 4 above, special circumstance rates and accessibility may apply.)

Click here to see a map of the location of Westlake Recreation Area.


GPS Coordinates: Latitude 36 Deg. 23.882' North, Longitude 98 Deg. 7.351' West
E911 address (for navigation/maps app on smart phones): 42509 S CR 274 Lahoma, OK. 73754
This will take you to the entrance to Westlake Recreation

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