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The purpose of Westlake Recreation Area is to provide a place that allows persons of all walks of life to indulge themselves in the "Huck Finn" attitude from time to time, which is to pull a hat over their eyes,  tie a fishing line or a kite string to their toe and relax.  In other words, Westlake is the proverbial "attitude adjustment" that we all need sometimes.  Here is a little History of Westlake.

This sign marks the turn from the US Highway 412 to Westlake, 2 miles west of Lahoma, OK.

Westlake was started in the fall of 1981 by draining off some of the water and then using Rotenone to clean out the old fish.  Later that fall some of the hybrid channel cat fish and breeder fish were stocked while Black Bass and further breeders were added in the spring of 1982.  The Blue Gill exploded in the spring of 1983 and has since then provided a tremendous amount of forage for the game fish.  For this reason Westlake does not give advice on the "when, where, or what" to fish with.  The exception to this is for children.  Use a small hook with a small piece of worm under about 18-24 inches of bobber and the blue gill will bite madly.










To the left is an 11 pound hybrid channel cat caught at Westlake by Leroy Gonzalves.  Above is a photo of a 9.5 pound largemouth bass caught by E. W. Lee.

Westlake Recreation Area is available for non-member and RV use as well. Because Westlake is a secure facility, we do request advance contact for the RV use, as early as possible but at least 24 hours in advance to confirm your arrival and site reservations. The Westlake facilities are also available for any of the previously mentioned events, weddings, parties, reunions, etc. for non-members use. Again please contact us as early as possible for arrangements.


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GPS Coordinates: Latitude 36 Deg. 23.882' North, Longitude 98 Deg. 7.351' West
E911 address (for navigation/maps app on smart phones): 42509 S CR 274 Lahoma, OK. 73754
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