Westlake Recreation Area


The Lake

The lake itself,  when full, is approximately 11 acres of water.  When plugging for Bass, it will take about 1.5 hours to walk the shore, depending of course on the gearing in your crank elbow.  The shoreline is kept mowed as cleanly as possible for walking ease and/or wheelchair access, but the weather, GREMLINS, and life sometimes get in the way of our good intent, and the grass may get a little tall.  Vegetation in the lake, such as Cattails, is sometimes hard to control  but it is a continuing process.

Although boats are not required, they are allowed, providing they are small enough to be moved from the parking lot to the water by hand. Human power or electric trolling motors only. Life jackets ARE recommended especially for small children. Any bait may be used such as worms, crickets, crawdads, grubs, grasshoppers, etc., with the EXCEPTION OF LIVE FISHES- - -MINNOWS, GOLDFISH, ETC. ARE NOT ALLOWED AS BAIT. This is to prevent the contamination of the lake by unwanted species of fish and diseases.

Access to the lake is through a security gate that only the authorized people may pass through.  All members have 24 hour, 365 day access.  The driveway and parking lot are paved with 12 lighted RV. hookups.  The picnic area has a 20' x 40' open-sided shelter with lights, tables, electricity, 36" diameter BBQ grill, and a toilet.  The walkways and docks are all equipped with timed lights that are adjusted regularly.  The walkways are also wide enough to accommodate your Great Aunt Matilda if she wants to fish or supervise but her landing gear is now on wheels.

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GPS Coordinates: Latitude 36 Deg. 23.882' North, Longitude 98 Deg. 7.351' West
E911 address (for navigation/maps app on smart phones): 42509 S CR 274 Lahoma, OK. 73754
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