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Membership Information

Annual membership leases are available for Single Anglers, Couples, or Families.  Each lease will expire at the end of the FOLLOWING month the FOLLOWING year, like an inspection sticker on a vehicle.  This guarantees everyone the same minimum time of 12 months.  Each permit holder may bring 2 adult FISHING guests at any one time, with each guest limited to 10 fishing days per year.  Members may bring as many people under 18 as they can control and as often as they can stand them.  Again, small children are encouraged to wear LIFEJACKETS when near the water, especially on the docks.

If a member desires a group outing for less than 30 people (such as birthday, family reunion, wedding, wedding reception, anniversary, church functions, company picnics, etc), only a phone call to confirm that no conflicts exist is required.  If, however, over 30 people are expected, the event will be required to schedule as if it were for NON MEMBERS due to insurance requirements.

Membership Rules and Regulations


  • Each member may have two (2) adult guests fishing at any one time, with each guest limited to ten (10) fishing days per year.
  • Members may bring as many people under 18 years old as can be controlled, and as often as they wish. Also, these young people may fish with the member each time they visit.
  • A non-member spouse may come with the member spouse at any time to flip hamburgers, read, lay in the sun, help the children, or make bad jokes about spouses fishing skills should that be their wish.

Member will assume responsibility for all risk and insurance coverage for all occurrences, and absolves the management of Westlake Recreation Area of any and all risk whatsoever.


  • Lake is to be used for fishing only.
  • Boats and float tubes are permitted but must be small enough to be moved from the parking lot to the water and back by hand. Power to be limited to human (paddles or oars) or electric trolling motors only.
  • NO SWIMMING!! Wading only to retrieve fish with dip net while wearing some type of foot protection.
  • STATE FISHING REGULATIONS ARE IN EFFECT.  EXCEPTION:  Bass per day, this number will be clarified with changes of the fishing seasons.
  • No trot lines, bank lines, commercial or jug fishing.  Limit of two (2) lines per person.
  • NO LIVE BAIT FISHES ALLOWED -  MINNOWS, GOLDFISHES, ETC.  This is to prevent foreign fishes and diseases from contamination YOUR fishing facility.  Worms, crickets, grubs, crawdads, grasshoppers, etc. are okay.  All unused bait will be properly cared for and/or disposed of.

Any street legal vehicle may be allowed.  Please be considerate with exhaust noise and parking order.

Please keep vehicles out of trailer pads whenever possible.  All vehicles must stay in the paved parking area. 
Persons who are physically impaired (knee, heart, hip problems, etc.) must contact the management in person to receive permission to drive outside of the parking lot.  Even then, their access will be limited by specific location designation.  This is to reduce the problems of getting stuck in soft areas causing a mess of tracks and upset people, as well as preventing the possibility of hot exhaust starting fires from anything that could flip under the vehicle.
Trailer pads are first come first serve.
RV Hookups per 24 hrs. minimum for Members -- $15/day. Full hookup W/50A service. If RV section is full, a three (3) day limit may be enacted. Parking deposit is at the base of the light pole in parking lot. Honor system in effect.


  • No spirits stronger than 3.2% alcohol.

  • No weapons - firearms, air rifles, blow guns, bows & arrows, etc.

  • All pets must be kept on a leash.

  • All garbage, trash, papers, etc. will be picked up, bagged and placed in containers provided.

  • No fireworks.

  • Radio, TV, or any other sound systems will remain at a respectable sound level.

Any member may have a group picnic of 29 people or less, simply by checking with the Westlake Recreation Office for prior reservations.  Due to insurance requirements, groups of 30 or more must be arranged as if they were for non-members.

There is a large smoker available for large groups, either on the WESTLAKE grounds, or at your location.  Arrangements will be made on an individual event basis.  For more information on the smoker please click here.

All lease agreements must be agreed to on-site.

Click here to see a map of the location of Westlake Recreation Area.


GPS Coordinates: Latitude 36 Deg. 23.882' North, Longitude 98 Deg. 7.351' West
E911 address (for navigation/maps app on smart phones): 42509 S CR 274 Lahoma, OK. 73754
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