Westlake Recreation Area


Custom Smoking

A LARGE smoker is available from Westlake Recreation for your large gatherings, either at Westlake or at a site of your choosing.  The smoker has 2 smoke chambers for large amounts of meat if required (up to 2 whole hogs at 250 lbs. each, per chamber) or meat in one side and beans, corn, potatoes, etc. in the others.  There is also a Dutch oven for pies, cobblers, dinner roles, etc. that can be warmed up, but not smoked.  The top of the fire box can be used for fixing beans, chili, boiled ear corn, or old fashioned boiled camp coffee if desired.

Full smoker Smoker with Sadie

Dutch Oven One of two smoke chambers

CUSTOM SMOKING is also available for Thanksgiving, Christmas / New Year, Easter, 4th of July, or any other occasion throughout the year.  Please contact us a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the desired date for more information and reservations.  These events can be weddings, receptions, customer appreciation feeds, birthday events, anniversaries, business openings, reunions, or any other event you might think of at your location or ours. 

If we do the seasoning with the smoking of your items, the only thing that will make your mouth happier is kissing your sweetheart!


GPS Coordinates: Latitude 36 Deg. 23.882' North, Longitude 98 Deg. 7.351' West
E911 address (for navigation/maps app on smart phones): 42509 S CR 274 Lahoma, OK. 73754
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